OOTD: Altè and Chic

Altè : A group of trendsetting Nigerian teenagers who adopt a mix of egdy styles such as piercings, baggy pants, dirty sneakers…they enjoy each other’s companies because they tend to get criticized by the ‘non_altés’.Most of them also have great appreciation for retro music and fashion trends

Well, I’d agree with that definition except is dirty sneakers really a thing?? *confused face* ……. moving on, welcome to today’s outfit, a little bit of Altè and a little bit of chic.

For me Altè simply is the ability to fully express myself. I mean I can finally dress the way I want without people getting on me about not looking girly enough or whatever other parameters they have in their heads.

How to dress Altè? Here are a few hacks :

•Dress in the way that feels the most comfortable to you {just don’t do dirty sneakers, ever please}

• Anything goes. From chic to street style to Tom boyish, it’s all allowed. This means you can wear ripped jeans, baggy jeans, tight jeans, gowns, skirts, sneakers, crocs, absolutely anything that expresses your style goes.

• Add unique accessories. The fire sure way to Altè up your outfit is to add unique key pieces of accessories to take your slay to the next level.

Altè Accessories chains rings

Some of the best key pieces are:

  • Durags
  • hats/caps
  • inscription tees
  • fishnets
  • aviator Shades/any other type of shades
  • waistbags

My outfit is quite a lot chic with just a little bit of Altè thrown in there.

Altè and chic outfit

Outfit details:

  • Gown: 1500
  • Oversized white shirt: 2000
  • rings: my mother’s jewelry box
  • chains: mine
  • shoes: 5,000 from Balogun
  • shades: 1000 from Balogun
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So, would you say you’re Altè or Chic ? Or a bit of both maybe?

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