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You are Different and that’s Special


“You can’t be perfect baby, because nobody’s perfect honey….There’s nobody in the world like you”

Hola darlings, today I’m not putting out any fashion tips. We are taking it back to who we are at the core of all the fashion and razz mataz.

Black, White, and Mixed we are all beautiful in our own special way. Plus sized ladies are beauties so are thin no matter what Age, Color, Gender or Beliefs we are all uniquely beautiful. It is that beauty that gives us our each individual uniqueness and out of that uniqueness our own personal timeless ageless beauty is birthed.

It takes a certain amount of confidence in self to be able to discount the portrayed image of what is in ‘vogue’.

Know this sweet girl you are you…no one can do you as good as you if you let them get you down you are depriving yourself the joy of showing the world how great you can be.



Just a Lil girl playing dress up


Entertainment Fashion Music street style

Anticipate The Rap Queen Catalyst’s New Single

Catalyst steps out in style in anticipation of her new single “follow me go” which drops on the 20th of December 2017.everyone is waiting with bated breath because she has not failed to deliver and it is sure that this is a jam that will rock the country. For more details check her out on Instagram and Twitter @mizcatalyst. This talented rapper and singer is one of the storming artiste you need to watch out for next year.

Styled By :Yours truly LazyTrendyChic

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