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Take lit pictures this Christmas(7 easy steps)


Hey guys, I’m here with some photography tips and tricks for you all.  Its Christmas time and I trust my people we all want to pepper them on our feed. I do know that I am not the only one who loves the fact that during the season there are so many places that get a revamp with some really pretty decorations and lights. Especially on the island. Now I’m going to give you a few tips to taking pictures. Pictures that will brighten up your feed and get the likes rolling in.

7 tips to lit pictures

  1. Make sure you are comfortable with the photographer.Most probably it will be your friend, so just get comfortable.
  2. Pick a style:I know you are probably wondering what this means. I mean pick what you want your pictures to look like: fun, cool kid,slay mama, or goofy. The clearer the image of what your photo should look like is, the faster you get done
  3. Get a friend who is not afraid to lie down on the floor just to get the perfect angle for the perfect picture. Get a photographer that is just as extra as can be for photography.
  4. Make sure you go out with your outfit as lit as possible because you never know where or when you can get the opportunity to take that bomb picture.
  5. Don’t be stiff. The more fun you have the better your pictures turn out. So laugh, smile, joke around and have good pictures.
  6. Remember to always keep an eye out for picturesque locations. The picture that could make you “kupe” famous could be right around the corner.
  7. Strike a pose, say cheese (or not) and click!!!!
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A few tricks…

Really there is really no greater trick to having awesome pictures for the gram than having friends. Friends who are extra for photographs,a good camera (phone or camera), and some lit editing skills. A girl or guy who has a pretty instagram feed most probably has a friend that take some good pictures or maybe a tripod stand.

Salem Kinging has some really great tips on taking pictures (photography) with a tripod stand in case you fall into that category.

For a few more videos with some more tricks for photography, use the hashtag #photographytricks on instagram. Enjoy!!!!!!


  • Alvie

    Tips to a dope Christmas… Thanks love

  • Sodiq

    Hopefully I take better pictures from now on


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