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Dinner Date at NOK by Alara

Dinner date outfits with the girls

Saturday was dinner date with the girls time.It was also a post birthday celebration for my girl and so we all went the extra mile in dressing up. I’m talking full glam effect.

As usual though, behind all the glitz and glam is a story. For the second time, it’s another edition of ‘O Je wa keng’ Nigerian tailors. You would think I’d have learnt my lesson after my owambe tales. I still opted to sew my dress and to make matters worse, get it sewn within a short period of time.

As expected, my dress was a fitting case of “what I ordered Vs what I got”.

Nigerian tailor. Ojewakeng

As Saturday morning dawned bright and early so did my search for a tailor to help me fix my disaster of a dress. I finally found a man [he was really good] ,to help me fix my dress. After begging , he helped me cut, re-shape and re-stitch the dress and viola! It was wearable. Although I had to pay a pretty penny for it.

Hours later, all glammed up by @st.reginald (He is really amazing, loved my look and I didn’t tear up so much] and glowing with @aramiessentials Lumi Oil I stepped into my “Ashawo” dress. As much as I like the dress I have to admit it is a mite too short . On the plus side my legs look amaze-balls .

Dinner date at Nok by Alara

Outfit details:

Off we went to dine at Nok. It was my first time there and I was dreading the prices. I was expecting to have to rob a bank to be able to afford them. Surprisingly, the dishes were quite affordable {If you’re not a dead broke student ooo}.

Dinner date at Nok by Alara

I ordered the chicken Suya -#3,000 – which was simply delicious and a side of rice -#1,000 – wayyyyy too spiced for me but my friend loved it. A few of my friends ordered chicken wings which was too sweet [and not in a good way]. Others got the potato wedges which I loved but some thought it was undercooked-that’s the Yoruba in us.

Ambience at Nok by Alara

Apart from food, the ambience of that place is a million over ten. I would pay to just go and take pictures there. It’s absolutely beautiful inside and the garden, plus well lit even at night.

outfit dress makeup

All in all I realized I really need to do this more. Just the thrill of going to a new place and having fun gave me a glow that stayed for days. Anyway I can finally put a check ✔️ next to “Dinner date”. Next time I’m believing it will be with a guy …. what? Don’t look at me like that I’m still searching 💁🏾‍♀️.

Till next time , your laziness: Rubies ♥️


  • Lammy Ade

    Really nice post dear, people should try doing things like this often, doesn’t need to be a special occasion… In fact, it can be a special occasion itself. Anyways, story for another day… You look real Peng by the way 😘

  • Chinny

    These tailors need to ask for special forgiveness from God! Ahhh, I’m so glad you found someone to fix it. Lmao @ ashewo dress, it’s a goddam fine dress!


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