The 4K Outfit: OOTW

Deconstruct shirt jeans earrings bracelet ring

Yes, a 4k outfit !! How does everything I’m wearing cost 4,000 naira you ask? Well here is the shortcut to assembling a “slaying” outfit on a budget.

I totally succeeded and assembled an outfit that would be “date night with the girls” appropriate , good for a Casual Friday at work and can double as a happy hour with co-workers outfit. If you’re a student like me , this outfit is something you’d wear to the mall if you’re looking to be classy yet casual plus you can wear it to a meeting that isn’t completely formal.

But wait , I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here is how I assembled my 4K outfit……..

A few days to resumption.. wait, let me rephrase that ….. on the day I was to go back to school, I decided to hit Eko market and get some items of clothing since all the slay is on a budget till we blow. Once I got home, I had to head out again for a meet up with my Photographer friend (Bablaw photography) . Somehow I ended up wearing my latest buys all paired up with heels gifted to me by my aunt (the only help from my closet) .

Here is the breakdown of my 4K Outfit:
  • A deconstruct top: #1000 (without pricing because the guy selling spoke to me in really good English)
My 4K Outfit
  • Blue jeans : #2000
  • Belt : #500 (after I got insulted and haggled like a Ijebu woman)
  • Earrings: #500 (from a really nice woman who said I looked like her daughter)
  • Hair : My real God given genetically generated hair 😂😂
  • Shoes : a gift from my aunt

Although I can swap the heels for sandals that I bought for 1000 and that would make a complete outfit for #5000 naira

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I mean that’s a reasonable sum (for an average person).

How to get your outfits to be this peng with the barest minimum spent ?
  • Buy pieces that can be worn over and over (stylish and will last long)
  • Buy from the market , so that you can haggle over prices and bring them down to the least. One plus in buying from the market are the cheap prices. Buying from an online store saves you the stress and hassle but you also pay more to get that experience.
  • If you can’t do market shopping, then go thrift shopping online . Some of my favorite stores are @thriftsndtees and @vintagedenimm
  • Let your wardrobe help you

So, no more excuses. Get buying, and get pairing. In fact, I challenge you !

Yes ! Don’t be chicken. Go out and make a full outfit with the least amount that you can . Let’s make this a thing . Tag me on Instagram , and may the best thrift-er win !!!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget to have fun while doing it though, because that’s what this is all about. Till next time ‘ladies

With Laziness,

Rubies ♥

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